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Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978)


Jackie Chan is a boy who is used as a janitor at his kung-fu school. Jackie Chan can’t fight and is always getting bullied by the teachers and pupils. One day an old man helps Jackie train in an art of kung-fu called the ‘ Snake’s Fist ‘. Jackie doesn’t get bullied again. Then Jacki creates his own style and mixes it with the Snake’s Fist. His style is based on the movement and actions of a cat. One day the old man is in trouble by a man who does ‘ The Eagle’s Claw’ and Jackie helps the old man.

IMDB Rating: 7.5
SEAN-O-VISTA Rating: 8.8

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Movie Description:

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (Chinese: 蛇形刁手) is a 1978 Hong Kong martial arts action comedy film directed by Yuen Woo-ping in his directorial debut, and starring Jackie Chan, Hwang Jang Lee and Yuen Woo-ping’s real life father, Yuen Siu Tien.

Right after this film, Yuen Woo-ping directed Drunken Master, released in the same year, which also starred Jackie Chan, Hwang Jang Lee and Yuen Siu Tien, and followed a similar plot.

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)

Country: Hong Kong 1998
Genre: Action ♦ Asian Movies ♦ Martial Arts
Language: Cantonese, English Dubbed
Duration: 1h 32 min 36sec
Director: Yuen Woo-ping
Producer: Ng See-Yuen, Chen Chuan
Writers: Ng See-yuen, Choi Gai-gwong, Tsai Chi-kuang
Starcast: Jackie Chan, Yuen Siu Tien, Hwang Jang Lee


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