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As we continue through our thread of lifetimes, copiously gathering experiences, learning lessons, and fulfilling agreements, an evolutionary process transpires and this course of development is called Soul Age.

Soul age charts the growth a person has attained during their many incarnations (or past lives). The number of lives lived is not as important as the spiritual development achieved, although one soul age is not any better than another. Soul age symbolizes the school of life and each step along the way is a vital part of the curriculum.

There are five soul ages that we progress through during our cycle on the physical plane. 

▪ Infant souls deal with issues of survival. Life experience is usually primitive at this level and leans toward the rituals and customs of tribal cultures. Infant souls often incarnate near the equator, where less frigid temperatures allow them to thrive without modern shelter.

▪ Baby souls have a need for structure and tend to live according to beliefs based on dogma, such as religion; they are all about following and enforcing rules. Baby souls are typically model citizens that do the right thing, but their rigid, black-and-white thinking betrays a lack of complexity in their personalities. For this reason, they prefer the conservative cocoon of small town life and can be found scattered across middle America. Baby souls are also well represented in the Middle East and other areas of the world where religious fundamentalism thrives.

▪ Young souls are success oriented. Some of them set personal achievement at all costs, and are about winning and leaving their mark in the world. They are ambitious with a capital A, relentlessly pushing for more wealth, power, and esteem. Young souls do not like to lose. They are goal-driven workers and entrepreneurs who exemplify the US Army’s motto of BE ALL YOU CAN BE. Technological innovations and enterprise often flourish at this stage, leading to many modern conveniences and benefits. Young soul countries include Japan, China, Israel, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and the United States.

 Mature souls are relationship focused and tend to gravitate toward emotional connection (and sometimes drama). They are interested in creating deeper bonds with people and their community, fulfilling a need to explore their inner world. Emotions can be intense at this level, leading to greater creativity and a strong stance on social and environmental issues. Mature soul countries include Italy, Greece, England and parts of Mexico.

▪ Old souls seek the larger perspective of life and have less interest in playing the material game. They have detached from the emotional turmoil of the mature soul state, and favor a live and let live approach to life. Although quite competent, old souls are often out of touch with the mainstream world and lean toward an interest in spiritual growth. Old souls do not often come to a full awareness of their soul age until age 35.

Successfully advancing through each soul age stage is dependent on progressing through the seven levels of the soul age, as well as the the completion of the Internal Monads.

Soul Age Levels
Each soul age consists of seven levels of development that must be competed before graduating to the next soul age. A soul level typically takes three lifetimes to complete, sometimes more, sometimes less. An Infant soul, for example, would begin at level one and gradually progress through six more levels before moving up to the Baby Soul stage. This continues until the 7th level of the old soul stage is reached. All and all, as Varda Hasselmann mentions in her book, there are thirty-five levels in total that must be completed before cycling-off the planet, the 35 steps of the reincarnational cycle.


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