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The Seven Soul Roles

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The journey of the soul begins when it is cast from the Tao. (The Michael Soul prefers the term Tao rather than God because the word God has been masculinized in society). 

Think of your soul as a spark of consciousness, released from the Tao into the physical world. Once on the physical, you begin your reincarnational cycle, the coin of the realm in the Michael teachings. Before you incarnate, however, you choose a role (or soul type) and a set of overleaves (or personality traits) that lend additional layers of specificity and growth-inducing challenges to your life journey. Life would be no fun if it were always easy.

Each of the roles and overleaves also fluctuates between polarities, the positive and negative poles, with one side emphasizing love and the other emphasizing fear. While there is no judgment placed on the dual nature of these energies, occupying the positive pole of a role or overleaf enables a greater connection to the true or authentic self (the influence of essence or the higher self), whereas the negative poles are governed by false personality (or ego).

Servers and Priests are aligned with the Inspiration axis and are roles that dedicate themselves to the service and spiritual evolution of the soul, and to the physical needs of the people on the planet.

mother-teresa-100A server might be the kindly nurse or doctor that took care of you at the hospital or a world beloved humanitarian like Mother Teresa. In the positive poles, servers are capable, caring, competent, devoted, friendly, inspiring, loving, nurturing, practical, sweet, trustworthy, and warm. Other servers are Doris Day, Sally Field, Al Gore, John Kerry, the Dalai Lama, and Susan Sarandon.

obama-100aA priest might be your local minister or an inspiring figure on the world stage, such as President Obama. In the positive poles are compassionate, guiding, enthusiastic, healing, humanitarian, inspirational, nurturing, on a mission, visionary, and spiritual. Other priests are Julie Andrews, Edgar Cayce, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, and Bruce Springsteen.

▪ Artisans and Sages are aligned with the expression axis and are devoted to expression, the artisan through creativity and the sage via communication.

An artisan might be the local artist who paints seascapes at the beach or an actor on the big screen, such as Audrey Hepburn. Artisans in the positive poles are creative, dreamy, fresh, imaginative, inventive, innovative, original, spontaneous, and stylish. Other artisans are Matthew Broderick, Princess Diana, Scarlett Johannson, Natalie Portman, and Vincent Van Gogh.

Jim-carrey-100A sage might be a popular novelist like Stephen King or the actor/comedian Jim Carrey. Sages in the positive poles are articulate, colorful, dramatic, entertaining, enthralling, expressive, friendly, fun-loving, humorous, informative, inquisitive, knowledgeable, light-hearted, perceptive, good storytellers, and wise. Other sages are Leonard Bernstein, Bill Clinton, Tina Fey, Howard Stern, and Oprah Winfrey.

 Warriors and Kings are aligned with the action axis and they are the great mobilizers in society. They express their nature by taking action.

Harrison_Ford_100A warrior might be the policeman that came to your rescue when your car broke down in traffic or a dynamic and magnetic charmer like Harrison Ford. Warriors in the positive poles are deliberate, energetic, determined, focused, grounded, organized, principled, productive, protective, proud, skillful, and survivors. Other warriors are Judi Dench, Jessica Lange, Oliver Stone, Barbra Streisand, and Kathleen Turner.

sean-connery-100A king might be the CEO of a major corporation or the actor that played James Bond, Sean Connery. Kings in the positive poles are benevolent, charismatic, commanding, composed, comprehensive, expert, inspirer of loyalty, magnanimous, masterful, natural leaders, perfectionists, stable, strategists, and trouble-shooters. Other kings are Susan B. Anthony, Cate Blanchett, James Cameron, Sean Connery, and Katherine Hepburn.

 Scholars are neutral and assimilators of knowledge. They are profoundly curious and document the experiences that interest them.

anthony hopkins 100A scholar might be your college history professor or a favorite writer of literary fiction. Scholars in the positive poles are adventurous, curious, easy-going, grounded, knowledgeable, logical, mediating, methodical, neutral, and observant. Other famous scholars are Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, Anthony Hopkins, William Shakespeare, and Emma Thompson.


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