Types of Aliens

alien types

There are several types of known aliens. These aliens are said to be malevolent or benevolent. They are believed to visit Earth, experiment on humans, share technology, and some benevolent species attempt to guide humans into a better spiritual world. 

Explore the different types of aliens that eyewitnesses have described. Some of these beings are also referenced in ancient mythologies.

Aquatic Aliens

aquatic_alienThere are very few reports of aquatic aliens. Most are found on fandom websites as fictional characters. However, Luis Lamar, underwater director of photography for National Geographic stirred the UFO community when he reported seeing alien-like creatures. In a video, Luis stated these creatures live in shallow waters and looked similar to stingrays. Keep in mind it isn’t unusual for the term alien to be used when describing creatures and animals that are unique to their environment and may not necessarily refer to extraterrestrial beings.


Book of Enoch

enoch aliensThe Book of Enoch was supposedly written by Noah’s great-grandfather. This ancient Hebrew text describes demons, giants and fallen angels. The book is believed to be a prophetic explanation of the impending flood and why the flood was a necessary step to rid the world of these creatures. Modern UFO enthusiasts have speculated the fiery chariot that Archangel Michael used to whisk Enoch away before the Great Flood was a UFO.




Elohim is generally accepted to be the name for God and is found within the Hebrew Bible. However, in Hebrew, -im is used as a masculine plural ending. The UFO religion of Raëlism claims life on Earth was seeded by alien scientists known as Elohim.

Green Aliens

green alienGreen aliens are believed to be nothing more than a journalistic poetic license for the grey alien descriptions given by eyewitnesses to the famous 1955 alien encounter in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 11 members of the Suttons family reported a close encounter of the third kind at their home over a two-night period. When the media reported the fight that the family had with invading aliens, instead of reporting that the creatures were gray colored, the news media coined the phrase, “little green men” and the term stuck.



Grey Aliens

grey aliens

The Greys are the most recognizable aliens thanks to movies and books. These aliens stand about 3.5 feet tall and are emotionless. Some people believe they serve as worker bee drones, carrying out the orders of the insectoid aliens and sometimes other types of aliens. The Greys are the ones most abductees describe that come for them in the middle of the night. Black Ops contractor turned whistleblower Philip Schneider claimed to have lost several fingers during an underground battle between the U.S. military and the greys.




venusianThe humanoid aliens are said to be difficult to distinguish from humans. It’s believed these aliens have integrated into various human societies. One of the most famous humanoid alien was known as Valiant “Val” Thor. Val claimed to be from the planet Venus and was rumored to be headquartered at the Pentagon. Val and his fellow Venusians stayed on Earth sharing various technologies and guiding the US away from nuclear warfare for a period of three years.



Insectoid Aliens

Insectoid AliensThe insectoid aliens are often described as resembling a praying mantis. These taller creatures supervise the greys. Some describe them as insect masters overseeing the greys using a type of hive mind control. Many of the proclaimed abductees state these creatures conduct experiments on them while harvesting human DNA to use in a sinister hybridization plot to overthrow humans.



Nordic Aliens

Nordic AliensThe Nordic aliens are reported to be between six and seven feet tall. With white complexions, blue eyes and long blonde hair, these benevolent aliens supposedly hail from Pleiades. The Nordics should not be confused with Tall Whites. Nordic aliens are said to be caretakers of the universe and are interested in helping humans clean up Earth’s polluted environment. Another Nordic alien mission is to assist humanity grow in spirituality while ridding the planet of demonic influences.

Reptilian Aliens

Reptilian AliensReptilian aliens that walk upright are often described by abductees as having a lizard humanoid appearance with menacing personas. The over six-foot tall Reptilians are ferocious predators. They are reputed to have telepathic mind control abilities. It’s claimed that the Greys abduct humans for the Reptilians to dine on as well as drink human blood It’s also said that human adrenaline acts like a drug to these aliens. They are reportedly responsible for the rash of missing children worldwide.

Scientology Aliens

Scientology AliensRon Hubbard was a science fiction and fantasy author before founding the Church of Scientology in the mid-1950s. The church has denied stories circulating about a belief in aliens. However, supposed leaked hand-written pages from Hubbard’s documents and a recording of a Hubbard lecture about the alien scenario of Xenu keep the stories alive. The story goes that Xenu created Thetans. These are remnants of alien souls that are attached to humans and must be shed before a Sceintologist can advance spiritually.


anunakiThe ancient Sumerian texts speak of deities called the Anunnaki, offspring of the god Anu. It’s believed these gods lived in the heavens but controlled the underworld. Zecharia Sitchin wrote several books and hypothesized that the Anunnaki were aliens from a planet called Nibiru and came to Earth to mine gold. To help with the task, the Anunnaki created humans as their mining workforce.

Tall White Aliens

Tall White AliensThere’s little information about the Tall White aliens. These beings are believed to be the elders of their race. They are extremely tall with some over 10 feet in height. They are said to be enmeshed in the human culture with Las Vegas and casinos being their favorite haunt. There are claims that the Tall Whites took over the U.S. government in the mid-1950s.

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