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Describtion: Abousofyan tells Aboutaleb, Muhammad’s uncle, that in the upcoming morning he wants to kill the holy prophet of Islam and Muslims, who are in boycott. Aboutaleb remembers the past years when Abraha charges ahead Mecca to ruin the house of God. but by God’s will his army loses out against millions of small birds sent by GOD. A month later, Muhammad is born

IMDB Rating: 7.3
SEAN-O-VISTA Rating: 7.2

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Movie Description:

The film marks the biggest-budget production in Iranian cinema to date. Development of Muhammad: The Messenger of God began in 2007 and Majidi wrote the first draft of the screenplay by 2009. By 2011, a colossal set created in the city of Qom near Tehran was ready for the majority of the film. Throughout the filming process, Majidi worked with a team of historians and archaeologists for the work on accuracy of the early life of Muhammad. Post-production works began in Munich during late 2013 and were completed in 2014. The cinematography is done by Vittorio Storaro and film score is composed by A. R. Rahman.

Plot: By the order of Abraha, King of Habasha, one of his army commanders launches an attack on Mecca in order to destroy the Kaaba. He leads a well-equipped force of thousands of soldiers, horses and elephants. As the army approaches Mecca, the elephants respond to divine order by halting and refusing to continue. Millions of small birds then release a hail of stones onto Abraha’s forces and the army is annihilated. A month later, Muhammad is born. The film depicts pre-Islamic Arabia as seen through the eyes of Muhammad from birth to the age of 13.

In the beginning of the film, a message appears that states the film encompasses historical facts as well as free personal impressions about Muhammad. Accordingly, some of the film’s events did not actually take place in real life, but are indeed similar to events in Muhammad’s biography.[6] Majidi stated that the objective behind presenting these scenes is to show that the whole existence could feel Muhammad’s presence as well as his mercy.

The story ends with Muhammad’s journey to Syria and encounter with Bahira.

Addressing the controversies associated with the film, Majidi said, “The film contains no controversies and no differences between the Shia and the Sunni points of view.”


Country: Iran (2015)
Genre: Drama ♦ History ♦ Religious
Language: Persian, Aramaic, Arabic
Duration: 2h 57 min 22sec
Director: Majid Majidi
Producer: Muhammad, Mehdi Heidarian, Mohammadreza Saberi. Majid Majidi
Writers: Majid Majidi, Hamid Amjad, Kambuzia Partovi
Starcast: Mahdi Pakdel, Alireza Shoja Nouri, Mohsen Tanabandeh, Sareh Bayat, Alireza jalili, Mina Sadati, Rana Azadivar


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