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Pirates (1986)


Plot: The adventures of pirate Captain Red and his first mate Frog.

IMDB Rating: 6.1
SEAN-O-VISTA Rating: 7

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Movie Description:

The infamous English pirate Thomas Bartholomew Red (Walter Matthau), known as Captain Red, and his ship’s teenage cabin boy Jean-Baptiste (Cris Campion), nicknamed “Frog”, are lost on a raft without supplies in the ocean. Luckily, Captain Red and Frog are picked up by Neptune, a Spanish galleon en route to Spain. 

Country: France, Tunisia
Genre: Action ♦ Comedy ♦ Fantasy ♦ Historical
Language: English
Duration: 2h 01 min 19 sec
Director: Roman Polanski
Producer: Tarak Ben Ammar
Writers: Gérard Brach, John Brownjohn, Roman Polanski
Starcast: Walter Matthau, Cris Campion, Damien Thomas


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