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Describtion: Moses is a 1995 internationally produced Biblical drama television miniseries. It was directed by Roger Young, written by Lionel Chetwynd and starred Ben Kingsley, Frank Langella and Christopher Lee.

IMDB Rating: 6.9
SEAN-O-VISTA Rating: 7.8

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A retelling of the Bible story. Pharaoh Ramses II decrees the death of all Hebrew children, but Moses, placed in a basket in the Nile by his mother, is taken by a royal Princess and raised as the brother of the heir to the throne of Egypt, Mermefta. Moses is called by God to lead his people from Egypt to the promised land. A very reluctant prophet, feeling unworthy of the call, Moses accepts the task. After a series of plagues, Mermefta agrees to let the Hebrews go. With second thoughts, he pursues them to annihilation of his army in the parting of the Red Sea. Starvation is averted by manna from heaven, the ten commandments are given the people through Moses, they go astray with worship of the golden calf. Forty years of wandering in the wilderness, until finally they reach what will be their home (which Moses lives to see, but not to enter).


Country: Czech Republic, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, United States (1995)
Genre: Biography ♦  Drama ♦ History ♦ Religious
Language: English
Duration: 3h 02 min 22sec
Director: Roger Young
Producer: Heinrich Krauss,
Lorenzo Minoli, Roberto Pace, Melissa Taylor
Writers: Lionel Chetwynd
Starcast: Ben Kingsley, Frank Langella, Christopher Lee, Sonia Braga, Anna Galiena


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