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Merlin (1988)


Plot: The legendary wizard tells his story of his war against Queen Mab of the Sidhe and his creation of Camelot.

IMDB Rating: 7.1
SEAN-O-VISTA Rating: 8.2

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Movie Description:

Merlin is a 1998 television miniseries which originally aired on NBC that retells the legend of King Arthur from the perspective of the wizard Merlin. Sam Neill stars in the title role in a story that covers not only the rise and fall of Camelot but also the phase in the legendary history of Britain that precedes it.

The film deviates from more traditional versions of the legend, notably by including new characters such as Queen Mab and by keeping Merlin through the whole reign of King Arthur over Britain (whereas in older versions Merlin left earlier on in the king’s reign). The film was followed by a sequel in 2006, Merlin’s Apprentice, which was more loosely connected with traditional Arthurian legend.


Country: United States
Genre: Adventure ♦ Drama ♦ Fantasy ♦ Historical ♦ Fantasy 
Language: English
Duration: 3h 0 min 29 sec
Director: Steve Barron
Producer: Dyson Lovell Robert, Halmi Sr.
Writers: Edward Khmara, David Stevens, Peter Barnes
Starcast: Sam Neill, Helena Bonham Carter, John Gielgud, Rutger Hauer, Miranda Richardson, Isabella Rossellini, Martin Short


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