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Inner Journey to Self Discovery – Part 5/6

Video Description

Session 5 of the online course for IIT Delhi took place on 19th November 2020

Sri M begins the 5th session with a focus on the practical aspects of Yoga. He continues his detailed explanation of few of the remaining Yamas and Niyamas. He speaks at length on ‘Soucha’ or cleanliness, one of the Niyamas and stresses the importance of keeping the mind also clean along with the body. He then speaks about the crucial role that the Niyama of Santhosha meaning contentment, plays in the spiritual progress of a spiritual aspirant.

The third important aspect that Sri M explains in great detail is that of the Yama which is Brahmacharya or celibacy. The importance of moderation rather than abstinence is emphasised upon by Sri M, while stating clearly that total abstinence may lead to psychological problems while moderation would create a good balance in conserving the energy resource called the Kundalini energy which can be redirected to higher energy levels.

The discussion then proceeds to Sri M speaking about Asanas, regular practice of postures leading to a sound body and mind making it thus conducive for spiritual progress. He says, “Asanas are practised to keep the body supple, not only supple but also influence the endocrine system, comprising of the ductless glands. A supple and steady spine is essential for spiritual practices because the main routes of energy travelling are in the spine…”

The discussion ends with Sri M answering questions based on the discussion.

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