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Inner Journey to Self Discovery – Part 4/6

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An online course was conducted by Sri M for the students and staff of IIT Delhi during the months of October and November 2020.

A Course on the Special Module on Civilisation – II : Inner Journey to Self-Discovery
Lecture 1 – ‘Exploring the Consciousness’
National Resource Center for Value Education in Engineering (NRCVEE),
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India.

Session 4 of the online course for IIT Delhi took place on 18th November 2020

The 4th session of the series begins with Sri M emphasising the importance for a practical application of the teachings spoken about in the previous sessions. He speaks about the limitations of the ordinary mind which being involved in daily worldly activities, is not equipped in its present state, to touch something which is beyond the ordinary three dimensional world.

He says, “We need to decondition the mind and develop certain devices in our system which have been deactivated due to neglect. Unless and until these are activated, we can talk a lot about theory but we cannot reach that which we are trying to find; rather, we cannot penetrate through the known world and go to a dimension which is beyond…”

He touches upon various topics like the role of a new field of research linking the brain/mind activity to spirituality called ‘Neurotheology’ which states that the human brain is wired for spiritual experiences. He also speaks in greater detail about the ductless glands (endocrine glands) and their hormonal secretions and their influence on our emotions and sense of well-being, while stressing upon the fact that it can be controlled at will by regular spiritual practices.

Sri M then proceeds to explain the importance of the eight limbs of Yoga known as ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ and then briefly about the Yoga sutras of Patanjali.

The session ends with a Q&A session with the staff and students of IIT Delhi.

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