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Inner Journey to Self Discovery – Part 3/6

Video Description

An online course was conducted by Sri M for the students and staff of IIT Delhi during the months of October and November 2020.

A Course on the Special Module on Civilisation – II : Inner Journey to Self-Discovery
Lecture 1 – ‘Exploring the Consciousness’
National Resource Center for Value Education in Engineering (NRCVEE),
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India.

Session 3 of the online course for IIT Delhi took place on 2nd November 2020

Sri M begins the session by giving a detailed explanation about the essence of consciousness – Sat-chit-ananda and unending happiness – anantam anandam. He then speaks about Nivritti marga, turning inwards and Pravritti marga, turning outwards and how a balance of both would be ideal for one who is on the path for the search for truth. He also emphasises that the constant search for happiness is also a need for expansion and completeness.

He touches upon the teachings of Kabir and Jesus Christ and ends his discussion with a detailed explanation of the concept – Asthi Bathi Priya which is a term used by Sage Vyasa in the Brahma Sutras. His lecture is followed by a question and answer session with the students and staff of IIT Delhi.

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