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Inner Journey to Self Discovery – Part 2/6

Video Description

An online course was conducted by Sri M for the students and staff of IIT Delhi during the months of October and November 2020.

A Course on the Special Module on Civilisation – II : Inner Journey to Self-Discovery
Lecture 1 – ‘Exploring the Consciousness’
National Resource Center for Value Education in Engineering (NRCVEE),
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India.

Session 2 of the online course conducted by Sri M for the students and staff of IIT Delhi was on the 29th of October 2020.

Sri M commences Session 2 with highlights of the Mandukya Upanishad – the states of consciousness explained in detail in Session 1.

He then takes up the invocation mantra of another principle Upanishad – the Keno Upanishad which comes from the Sama Veda.

Sri M says, “The Keno Upanishad starts with an invocation. The invocation is not to some supreme God sitting up there. It is an assurance and a repetition to make myself understand what I need most, how I can look after my body and mind so that I am fit enough to sit down and study the scriptures”.

Sri M moves on to the essence of the Keno Upanishad, explaining a few select shlokas in detail. This is followed by a question and answer session.

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