Black Thrones


Black Thrones is a free endless runner game. The world of Black Thrones is in peril, all the factions are at each other’s throats, and no one is safe. The time for you to make a quick buck couldn’t be better! As a thief you can exploit the chaos and make some cash, all it’s going to require is some quick wits and fleet feet. In this free endless runner style game, all you have to do is stay alive on your great getaway, steal some loot on your way out and avoid the skele-gaurds that try to block your path. Jump over the pits, slide beneath the Jersey barricades and slash through the minions who are trying to stop you, collect even more loot, and stay one step ahead of the haters as you run, jump, slash, dodge, and slide your way to the top of the leader board. Black Thorns is an epic endless runner game that offers fast gameplay and tons of depth. If you’ve ever wanted to feel the thrill of a heist and the excitement of the getaway then this is the game for you.

On your desktop computer use the up and down arrows to jump over barricades or slide beneath them. Use the space bar to slash through the skeleton army sent out to apprehend you. Collect more hearts for bonus points.

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