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Chess Mania is a free chess puzzle. Like many things in life including life itself, chess is both a game and a puzzle. There is nothing more satisfying than trying to find your way through the puzzles and the hardships of life than by using the lessons learned from playing chess. Specifically, the lessons learned from playing this chess game. Which is a game designed to test the limits of your sanity, your strategy, and your tactics. How many moves ahead do you think you can realistically think before you start to go a little batty? We think you’ll like this chess game because it teaches the fundamentals of chess but in a fun way that also lets, you look at the game in a whole new way. If you have played chess before and enjoyed it but for whatever reason, you have been away from playing the game for a while, then we are absolutely convinced that this game and its series of challenges will somehow train you, brain you, and fully explain to you the magic of chess. Remember, learn to play, play to learn, and then take those skills out into the real world where being good at stuff matters (apparently). OK thank you for reading and playing.


On your desktop computer or mobile device please use your mouse or finger to point and click or point and tap. This game will prevent you with a series of chess puzzles that can only be figured out by playing and only have one solution.

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