Super Candy Jewels

Super Candy Jewels is a free puzzle game. All of the candy in the world can be yours if you have the tenacity and the temerity to tap, drag, slide and match your way to victory. Super Candy Jewels is a game that will allow you to taste the sweet, sweet, taste of success or the bitter sting of failure as you slide and drag your way through a never-ending series of levels filled with sweet treats and tricky layouts. in this game, you’ll be challenged to find the sacred trinity hidden within adjacent rows and columns of candy. This is a game of quick swipes and thoughtful tactics. You might not know what your next move will bring and you might be thinking three swipes ahead. This is a game for everyone, the kind of game that can be played, and replayed for hours on end as you try to achieve the highest score in the shortest time frame. Where is your mind, where are your friends, why is this such a fun game if it’s so challenging? there is just something about obstacles that makes us the better versions of ourselves.

On your mobile or desktop device please use your finger to point, tap, swipe, and drag or your mouse to click and drag. you are trying to swap adjacent objects so that you can line up at least three in a row.

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