Rally Point 3


Rally Point 3 is a free racing game.

Vroom vroom goes the race car. This is a super-fast, first-person style race game where players are going to be going head to head with AI racers or challenging their own best time in the time trials. This is a super-fast racing game that will allow you to unlock new cars, new tracks, and campaign your way to a fun and eventful end. For people who like nothing more than to hop behind the wheel of a suped-up automobile and race themselves with no end in sight. Sometimes in life –just like in this game– your only real opponent is you. If you feel cool because you set an all-time record for beating a race, imagine how great you’d feel if you then also beat your own time, and then just kept doing that until there was no more time left. You are so fast that you outran the very concept of time. It could happen, we have seen it happen. More and more people are talking about it.
On your desktop computer please use the W,A,S,D buttons to steer. There are other controls that activate the nitro and breaks. You can find them in the in-game menu.

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