Cure For The Prince


Cure For The Prince is a free mystery game. Objects are all around us. Objects make up so much of our lives from the clothes that we wear, the food that we eat, the cars that we drive to the furniture that we sit on. Many things which are not concepts are objects. In fact, most people would say that all things which are not conceptual or sentient are indeed objects. Why an object can be the meteor, the house that it strikes, and the furniture inside that is destroyed. Objects are all around us. Objects make the world that we call the world. When objects are hidden then the world becomes more complex. Especially when those objects are integral in doing something important like curing a prince. In this game the prince is sick and you will be tasked with collecting the correct objects in order to cure them. The objects are all hidden within different rooms and locations around the kingdom it is up to you to save him! You can do it thou, we trust you but please do it as quickly as possible. As the world turns and the prince gets sicker, time will run out. When it does it may be too late to save him and then what is the point.

On your desktop computer or mobile device please click on the objects listed to the left of the screen when you find them in the center game screen.

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