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Idle Zoo is a free idle game. You did it. You bought a zoo. You were saying for years that you were going to buy a zoo and to be honest, nobody really believed you would but then you showed us all, you did it, you actually did it, you bought a zoo. But buying a zoo is really only the first step into a larger world. Now that you bought a zoo you’re going to have to run the zoo and grow the zoo and build the zoo. A zoo is a huge responsibility not only to the animals but to your audience, your stakeholders, and the animals themszelves. Luckily this particular zoo has made everything easier by simplifying its operation into a simple point and click interface. So boot up your personal computer or mobile device of choice, sharpen your tapping finger and let’s get to the rutty business of running a zoo. There are many things you can do, you can buy new animals but first, you’re going to have to increase attendance and in order, to do that, you’re going to spruce the place up a bit. It all starts somewhere and it all ends with a bustling zoo full of happy customers and healthy animals.

On your desktop computer or mobile device please use your mouse to point and click or your finger to point and tap. You’ll want to pick different aspects of your zoo to upgrade and improve so that you can gain a little bit of money in order to upgrade your attractions.

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