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Different kinds of art and their art forms

The world is but a canvas to our imagination – Henry David Thoreau


Art they say is an expression of the truest form of our imagination and gives wings to our inner thoughts. Art finds expression on different kinds of mediums, the more known amongst them are canvas, paper, digital and time-based media, sculpture, etc. In recent times, art has no longer been confined to the connoisseurs but has also expanded its outreach, and is now being appreciated and proudly displayed in common man’s home. Such has been the expansion both in terms of reach, access and affordability.

This has been possible only because of the expansion and encouragement to different kind of artists and their art. Art is now experienced rather than just being ‘’seen’’ as seen in the various interesting art forms.

In this piece, let’s look at the different kinds of art and their art forms…

Paintings, prints, drawings, craft, design, photography, performance art, sculpture, installations, mixed-media and new media are just some of the many categories.

Paintings are the oldest form of art and the most common category and the first paintings are said to have originated from South West France. Painting is a two-dimensional art form made up of layers of pigments applied on a surface. Paintings are done on different types of surfaces and as such, the material and the pigments used to create it also differ.

Print is also a two-dimensional art form created by an impression made by a method involving transfer from one surface to another. Prints come in a lot of multiples to create an edition. Nowadays artists create relief prints to create other types of prints.

Photography is an art – with the explosion of sophisticated camera equipment in the market, people are turning to photography for giving expression to their thoughts.

Craft, the name often taken together with art, involves working with hands. This has always been the most popular form now with artists creating interesting artwork with cloth patches, crochet, etc.

Performing art is an artwork which takes the form of action done by artists or performers as told by the artists. Performance art can be experienced and seen but not really collected.

Installations are another popular expression of art. It is three-dimensional art and place-specific since it is installed in a particular location.
Art is as old as mankind itself and as such, provides a glimpse of the surreal into our daily, mundane life.


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