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Course 2 of Inner Journey to Self Discovery – Part 4/5

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A Course on the Special Module on Civilisation – II : Inner Journey to Self-Discovery

The 2nd online course on ‘Exploring Consciousness, Inner Journey to Self-Discovery’ was conducted by Sri M for the students and staff of IIT Delhi during the months of April and May 2021

In this session Sri M dwells more on the practical aspects of Ashtanga Yoga and speaks about asanas and pranayama and how with regular, consistent practice, the vrittis (distractions) of the mind subside, leading one from the gross to the subtle states of awareness and thereby closer to one’s consciousness within.
He also stresses on the importance of a scientific process of measuring and recording the states of brain activity when one is in various levels of meditation.
The session concludes with Sri M answering questions put forth by the students and staff of IIT Delhi.

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