Burnin Rubber 5 XS

Burning’ Rubber 5 is a free race game. All the world is an arena and we are merely auto-gladiators on the hunt. Rev up and roll out in this pedal to the metal race to the death! Burnin’ Rubber 5 combines all of the naughty nitro nastiness of racing with the intensity and brutality of your favorite first-person shooters. Blast your way through the competition as you upgrade, customize, and jack up your cars with Gatling guns, rocket launchers, flame-throwers, and lightning-soaked energy weapons! Collect money and smash your way through the opposing players as you toggle for position and hope to make enough to buy the best weapons, the fastest cars, and the toughest trucks. A race isn’t just a race when you add weapons to the cars, it becomes a slaughter. Nuke the jerk in first and drop some bombs on the suckers behind you as you dodge flaming wrecks and cause pile-ups and meltdowns. This is a game for the violent hierarchist that lives inside all of us and wishes to see nothing but smoke, fire, and lasers. Don’t let your enemies catch you slipping and never lay off the trigger.

On your desktop computer please use the W,A,S,D or Arrow Pad to control the cars. Use the left and right mouse buttons in order to fire your primary and secondary weapons.

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